Sharif Street's Vision for Pennsylvania

Senator Sharif Street believes that part of Pennsylvania’s strength lies in the diversity of its people, of its resources, and of its contributions to the world. But no matter how diverse our state may be, we are strongest when our divergent interests are focused to find common ground.

Access to Healthcare

All Pennsylvanians deserve access to quality, affordable healthcare whether they live in a big city or in a rural community. Sharif will find creative ways to lower healthcare costs by strengthening insurance networks, eliminating surprise balance billing practices, and getting a handle on rising pharmaceutical costs.

Investing In Education

Sharif understands that access to quality education is the key to raising strong families and a building a prosperous Pennsylvania. Sharif is fighting for state of the art educational opportunities across the commonwealth from fairly funded public schools, to world class higher education institutions, to focused career and technical training.

Reforming Our Criminal Justice System

Pennsylvania has more people serving time in prison than almost every other state in the country. We must end the school to prison pipeline and begin to reduce the amount of people incarcerated in our state.

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