Sharif Street's Vision for Pennsylvania

Senator Sharif Street believes that part of Pennsylvania’s strength lies in the diversity of its people, of its resources, and of its contributions to the world. But no matter how diverse our state may be, we are strongest when our divergent interests are focused to find common ground.

Providing Access to Healthcare

All Pennsylvanians deserve access to quality, affordable healthcare whether they live in a big city or in a rural community. Sharif will find creative ways to lower healthcare costs by strengthening insurance networks, eliminating surprise balance billing practices, and getting a handle on rising pharmaceutical costs.

Investing In Education

Sharif understands that access to quality education is the key to raising strong families and a building a prosperous Pennsylvania. Sharif is fighting for state of the art educational opportunities across the commonwealth from fairly funded public schools, to world class higher education institutions, to focused career and technical training.

Reforming our Criminal Justice System

Pennsylvania has more people serving time in prison than almost every other state in the country. We must end the school to prison pipeline and begin to reduce the amount of people incarcerated in our state.

Enacting Progressive, Pro-Growth Tax Policies

Sharif believes that government officials must stop managing decline. For years we have been struggling to get our budget in balance by raising taxes or cutting services. We must implement progressive, pro-growth tax policies that will grow our economy, create jobs, and increase revenue.

Growing PA's Agricultural Industry

One of the problems in Pennsylvania politics is the false belief that some issues are "rural issues" and others are "urban issues." The strenghth of PA's agruculture industry affects all of us no matter where we live.

Creating Family Sustaining Jobs

If we want to uplift our communities, all Pennsylvania residents must have access to jobs with decent wages. Sharif will propose a plan that invests real resources in key growth industries that can provide jobs in every part of our State.

Modernizing Our Transit System

We must make strategic investments in transportation infrastructure across the Commonwealth because individuals, families, employees, and businesses from every corner of Pennsylvania rely on it.

Protecting Our Environment

Sharif understands that being a responsible steward of the earth and promoting a successful business environment are not mutually exclusive. The clean energy sector is growing rapidly in Pennsylvania and allowing for the creation of thousands of jobs. We must continue to invest in electric vehicle infrastructure, specifically fast-charging highway stations, electric-fleet vehicles, and hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Finding Strength in Our Diversity

Sharif is passionate about ensuring that all Pennsylvanians are treated equally. We live and work in a commonwealth that was founded on the basis of freedom from religious oppression and a city that is the historical birthplace of freedom and liberty.
From union port workers in Philadelphia unloading cocoa beans from Africa, to dairy farmers in rural PA producing milk necessary to turn that cocoa into Hershey’s chocolate, from natural gas executives in western Pennsylvania leading our booming domestic energy industry to the cutting edge scientists working in our world class universities making breakthroughs in sustainable energy technology, from the disadvantaged children of color struggling to be educated in dilapidated urban schools to poor kids in the “T” struggling to be educated in dilapidated rural schools, Pennsylvanians from across the state are sharing in our common successes and similar struggles. I have a vision for Pennsylvania that brings people together, invests in our strengths, and focuses on the things that make Pennsylvania great.
Senator Sharif Street, 3rd Senatorial District

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