Investing in Education

Sharif understands that access to quality education is the key to raising strong families and a building a prosperous Pennsylvania. Sharif is fighting for state of the art educational opportunities across the commonwealth from fairly funded public schools, to world class higher education institutions, to focused career and technical training.

Fully funding public schools in a way that does not pit one PA region against another

Sharif believes that all Pennsylvania school districts should be funded through the fair funding formula so that all of Pennsylvania’s kids receive a quality education. We must also lessen the burden of school property taxes on many suburban communities throughout the commonwealth by generating new revenues and requiring the state to invest their fair share into Pennsylvania's education budget.

Restore charters school reimbursement

While Sharif is proud to have helped Governor Wolf restore over $1 Billion in cuts to education made by the previous Administration, one cut that has not yet been restored is what is known as the "Charter School Reimbursement." This is funding a school district would receive to compensate for loss of funding due to the opening of a Charter School within that district. This cut has hurt many cities across Pennsylvania that have seen a growth in Charter Schools. Sharif is fighting to restore the Charter School Reimbursement to help those school districts.

Focus on career and technical education

Sharif believes that we need to fundamentally change the types of educational opportunities we provide our young people. We must focus more on teaching skills that are needed in the job market. We must invest in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs that reach across K–12 education into postsecondary education and workforce training. They should cover everything from early career exploration to highly technical training and encompass a breadth of high demand careers, including Health sciences, Finance, Engineering, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Government, Agriculture, Construction, and the Arts.

Reduce student debt

The price of a college education has become out of reach for most people, and has forced young people to take on massive amounts of debt to finish their education. Sharif supports the PA Promise bill that will provide a free education at one of Pennsylvania's state owned, state related, or community colleges for studens with a family income of $110,000 or less.


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